1. If the host team has any special rules, those rules will be available at the Mid-Winter Meeting and all participating

departments will be informed before practice. (See Basis of Penalties in scoring Item #13)

2. Prior to the June convention, all team captains and judges must sign off on reading and understanding the Rules of Drill


3. All Judges for the tournament are to be participating captains. The Field Judge may assign additional judges

from past team captains when needed.

4. There should be five (5) timers and four (4) or more judges. The decision of the judges is final.

5. All Team members, regardless of gender, must be active members of the department they represent, and the department, amember of the Wyoming State Firemen’s Association.

6. There will be four (4) hour maximum limit allowed per day, per team, for two days of practice. Practice for visiting teams willend one (1) full week before convention.

7. Timers and starters are to be selected by the host team. Timers will run instead of riding on a vehicle.

8. The Wyoming State Firemen’s Association will provide an electronic timer and stop watches to be used at the State

Convention. Official time will be the electric timer with the exception of the Cellar Nozzle contest. In the event of malfunction

of the electronic timer, the official time will be that provided by the stopwatches. The Wyoming State Firemen’s Association

will pay for all maintenance and repair of the electronic timer.

9. All team captains shall be available on the drill field thirty (30) minutes prior to evolutions start time.

10. After the drawing of team competition order, the teams will be divided into three (3) equal sections, and be moved down one-

third (1/3) each day with the exception of the host team, which always competes first.

11. Only the team competing will be allowed on the field at the time of an event. All other teams are to keep off the field. Any

complaints of the team shall be made only by the teams’ captain to the judges. Any other member complaining to the

Judges will disqualify that team from the event.

12. All team members must leave the field on completion of each evolution so the judges can judge fairly.

13. All disputed decisions made on the drill field at the time of evolutions shall be voted on by all team captains before the Field

Judge makes the final decision.

14. No official time will be disclosed until the Field Judge has declared the run completed.

15. If there is any error on the official’s part, the rerun will be run immediately.

16. All ties in events will be run on the same day, after the last team has run, if the contention for first (1 st ), second (2 nd ) or third

(3 rd ) place on a specific run.

17. Water pressure is to be maintained at the plug equally for all participating teams. It must be gauged a plus or minus ten (10)

p.s.i. of starting pressure of initial wet down.

18. There shall be a clamp placed not less than ten (10) feet or more than twelve (12) feet from male coupling in all evolutions.

The hose shall be visible marked for this and the clamp shall be placed on or within the marks.

19. All lengths of hose must be marked with two (2) visible stripes, twenty-four (24) inches apart and ten (10) feet

in back of male coupling.

20. A Standard type plug wrench must be used, eliminating the spinner wheel or breakaway type wrench.

21. No tape is allowed on any brass.

22. There is to be (1) gasket only on working brass.

23. All Cellar inserts in the Cellar contest must be made of two (2) thickness of five/eighths (5/8) inch AD plywood or better.

24. Cellar inserts are to be nailed all the way around every four (4) inches, and the axe man may cut cellar hole any place in the

inserts he wants.

25. No connections are to be broken or made up while engine is in motion, except for the second nozzleman on the Double

Male-Double Female Contest.

26. On the Double Male-Double Female contest, the truck may start in motion again when the official signal announces that the

first target has gone down.

27. Each nozzleman must knock down his designated target in order to complete an evolution.

28. Evolutions will not be considered complete until water is discharged from nozzle or nozzles, and targets are down.

29. The sixth (6 th ) man must be used on the Wet Test as an anchorman. The convention town will furnish an extra man.

30. The strap man and anchor man, Driver and truck judge in an open cab, all team members on the truck and tower including

the judges on the Wet Test, the nozzleman on the Cellar Contest, and all brass men at the hydrant on the second (2 nd ) lay of

the Double Male- Double Female Contest, must wear safety helmets. The plugman is defined as the person who originally

jumped the plug.


31. It shall be the Captains responsibility to meet with the field judge at the end of the evolution.