1. Each penalty assessed will be three (3) seconds.

2. No penalty for dropping any working brass.

3. There will be NO restrictions or penalties for kinks in the hose.

4. After each evolution, each department team shall have time of ten (10) minutes to reloads all hose used in such evolution. A three (3) second penalty will be assessed upon each department team that exceeds the ten (10) minute hose loading time.

Loading time will commence after the hose has been rolled. The loading time will be stopped when the truck backs across

the starting line. All equipment shall be on the truck before crossing the starting line when backing up. Failure to have all

needed equipment before crossing the starting line shall be assessed a three (3) second penalty. (Rev. 6-09 Lusk) The time

for loading hose on the Replacement Run will be twelve (12) minutes and on the Double Male-Double Female event fifteen

(15) minutes.

5. During the evolution, the plugman cannot touch the hydrant wrench or any working brass until after crossing the starting line.

6. The plugman must have an anchor on the fire Hydrant of one half (½) wrap until the cap separates from the hydrant.

7. Incomplete opening of the hydrant constitutes a penalty.

8. No equipment is to be removed from the truck or touched by any team member other than the plugman, the second

nozzleman on the Double Male- Double Female Contest, and the axeman on the Cellar Contest until the command to stop is

given by a team member, “touched by” shall mean from the wrist down. The axeman is allowed to hold the axe in position

and the head of the axe must be in contact with the running board of the truck prior to the command to stop.

9. The hose clamp must initially be placed on or within the clamp marks on the hose with the shoe of the clamp facing the

ground every attempt to keep it within the hose.

10. A quarter (1/4) turn on any working brass is officially considered loose and will constitute a penalty. Working or touching

working brass after the evolution has ended will also constitute a penalty.

11. While breaking the brass, the breaker has the opportunity to move the brass and set it down where he wants it, until the

official signal goes off, without penalty.

12. Failure to replace hose in the hose bed and leave the remainder of surplus hose out of any part of the hose bed prior to

laying the second line on the Double Male-Double Female Contest or at the completion of an evolution will constitute a


13. Failure to carry hose properly on the Wet Test constitutes a violation, which will cause a penalty. Proper

Carry is defined as “a hose to the front, nozzle to the rear”. (Rev-6- 08 Afton)

14. Water emitted from the nozzle before the nozzle is inserted in the deck during the Cellar Contest constitutes a penalty. Rev;

06-18- 2016…”Fully inserted means, the rotating portion of the nozzle below the deck boards”

15. An incomplete run due to injury, obstruction, or mechanical failure is at the judge’s discretion. This team will take the slowest

time for that event plus a penalty.

16. The strap man on the Wet Test must anchor the spanner hoop on or above the 10 th rung from the bottom (Rev. 6-11 Fremont

County) and it must stay hooked as the target goes down.


17. Electronic recording devices of any kind shall not be allowed on the drill field after a run has ended and at no time shall be viewed

by the Field Judge to influence any decision of all judges. A three (3) second penalty shall be assessed to any team that tries to

influence any decision of the judges. (Rev-06- Afton)


18. All connections that are to be judged after the run shall be wiped dry and marked with a marker before judging is begun. (Rev. 6-11 Fremont County)

19. The nozzle man shall not voluntarily relinquish control of the nozzle before completion of the run. ( Rev-Newcastle 6-13 )

20. Cellar Evolution, the Axe shall be clear of the chop board before the nozzle enters chop board. . ( Rev-Newcastle 6-13